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Kukla Wetlands

  • by KUŞKOR
  • September 20, 2018

Kukla Wetlands is a short film about one of the most diverse wetlands in Cyprus and its habitats, commissioned by KUSKOR, produced and filmed by Wild Cyprus.The wetlands is based in the village of Koprulu (aka Kouklia / Kukla) in the heart of the Mesarya (Mesaoria) Plains within the Magusa (Famagusta) region.The film is part of the project 'Hotspot for Birdwatchers' funded by EU in collaboration with Beyarmudu Municipality to bring awareness to the richness of the site and to help maintain and provide sustainability in the long run.

"Stop Turtle Dove Hunt!"

  • by KUŞKOR
  • May 12, 2017

Turtle dove has been part of human culture where ever it is found.

However, its population has declined by around 80% over the last 40 years and it was declared to be threatened globally in 2015. This elegant species is facing extinction risk. Its future depends on what our actions will be today. 

Consequently, your support to this campaign is important for the species future. Help us to remove Turtle Dove from the list of legally targeted hunting birds in Northern Cyprus.

Bonelli's Eagle Fit and Free

  • by Damla Beton
  • July 7, 2016

This time it is free to go after rehabilitation for almost 2 months. Our first trial to release it ended up with failure but we did not give, we did not stop... With help of lots of volunteers, especially Kutlay Keço and Özgür Gökaşan we managed to get it stronger which ended up with a great success... Now, hopefully it is still flying freely in Cyprus sky...


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