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KUŞKOR was at the 17th Büyükkonuk Eco Festival!

  • October 23, 2015
  • Robin Snape

KUŞKOR Stall at the Büyükkonuk EkoFest (by Damla Beton)

KUŞKOR Stall at the Büyükkonuk EkoFest (by Damla Beton)

KUŞKOR Stall at the Büyükkonuk EkoFest (by Damla Beton)

KUŞKOR Stall at the Büyükkonuk EkoFest (by Damla Beton)

Over the last decade, Büyükkonuk villagers have secured grant support through rural development schemes to improve the quality of life in their region. Projects have focussed on the restoration of traditional buildings and village courtyards, the fostering of sustainable practices and eco-tourism initiatives based around traditional production methods and handcrafts. The result has been North Cyprus’s showcase “Eco-Village”, economically self-sustained through culture tourism. And the spirit of their well organised biannual Eco Festival day has propagated, with villages across North Cyprus following suit to market their heritage.

On Sunday October 11th KUŞKOR held its third stall at the 17th  Büyükkonuk EcoFestival. The festival held in the village of Büyükkonuk which is in the Iskele region of North Cyprus, at the base of the Karpas Peninsula, has grown each year since its establishment in 2008. This festival was among their busiest yet, with tens of thousands of people passing through the packed out high street.

KUŞKOR took the opportunity to present the wildlife of Cyprus through our colourful stall decorated with printed boards, exhibiting photos taken by local wildlife photographers. Our 2016 calendar was hot off the press and successfully launched with over 80 sales. We also sold the remaining stock of our KUŞKOR eco-bags, as well as many posters and prints. We distributed a great number of leaflets and held many conversations with visitors to our stall.

All in all, a great day which was thoroughly enjoyed and valued by ourselves and our volunteers and we hope that KUŞKOR will be a regular feature of the festival for years to come.

Thanks to volunteers Gavin and Eileen Croucher; Osman, Zalihe and Dudu Ebeler and Fikri Koray for their help and support and huge thanks to Lois Cemal of Delcraft and Büyükkonuk Municipality for organising our well placed stall.

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