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KUŞKOR Bird Ringing Scheme is now European

  • December 23, 2015
  • Damla Beton

Rings of Kuşkor Ringing Scheme (by Olkan Ergüler)

Ringing a Cetti's Warbler (by Olkan Ergüler)

Ringing a Kestrel (by Olkan Ergüler)

Logbook (by Olkan Ergüler)

Ringing a Kestrel (by Olkan Ergüler)

Ringed Kestrel (by Olkan Ergüler)

Cetti's Warbler with a Kuşkor ring (by Olkan Ergüler)

During bird ringing, every bird is given a specific number which is marked on the ring fitted to its leg. It’s biometrics age, sex and other details are recorded in a database. In many ways, ringing is like giving a birth certificate to birds. When a ringed bird is caught or seen somewhere else or in the same place, the life history of that individual can be deduced. This can reveal information about taxonomy and demography. Possibly the most valuable and intriguing information acquired through these arduous studies is about bird migration routes.

In every country, ringing studies are carried out by one or more organizations. The data obtained is gathered by the institution in that country responsible for ringing. However, this data alone does not provide information about the migration routes. The countries and borders of birds are not like ours. Understanding the migration routes correctly is only possible through the integration of nationwide data at a common international database.  

In order to support ringing studies the KUŞKOR Bird Ringing Scheme was launched in 2001. Since then, we have been conducting studies through local and foreign bird ringers on a volunteer basis, adopting internationally recognized regulations and conventions (those of the British Trust for Ornithology). We use custom-made rings headed “KUSKOR North Cyprus”. It is very important that any found ring or the information on them reaches our team, as this is the only way to gain detailed information about the migration routes of the birds in our country.

Through our determination and ambitious work and with the help and drive of scheme consultant Clive Walton, we became a member of the European Union for Bird Ringing (EURING) in 2015, as the organization responsible for bird ringing in North Cyprus. This is a great progress for our organization and ringing scheme and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with overseas countries on equal grounds. For more information, please visit KUSKOR Ringing Scheme webpage.

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