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Roller Estates is now open for visitors!

  • December 29, 2015
  • Robin Snape/Damla Beton

Erecting roller nest box (by Cem Özkurt)

Erecting roller nest box (by Cem Özkurt)

Erecting roller nest box (by Cem Özkurt)

Roller (by Ersan Korudağ)

Building roller nest boxes with volunteers from SPOT (by Robin Snape)

Building roller nest boxes with volunteers (by Robin Snape)

Building roller nest boxes with volunteers (by Robin Snape)

Distribution of erected nests (red) in respect to IBAs (green)

Nest boxes erected within and around Haspolat/Mia Millia IBA

Nest boxes erected within and around Mesarya/Mesarioa IBA

Project Sponsors

An update on KUSKOR’s project to encourage Roller on the Mesaoria Plain: 

The seventh and final KUŞKOR volunteer session of our roller nest boxes project was on 12th of December. This saw the erection of the 44th box for the European Roller in North Cyprus.

In April this year KUŞKOR were awarded £650 from The Ornithological Society for the Middle East (OSME) towards the initiation of a nest box project for European Roller on the Mesaoria Plain. We chose to focus our efforts within and around the two designated Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of the Mesaoria region; the Mesaoria Plain IBA and the Haspolat IBA. The boxes were erected around Kukla Wetland, Köprülü Village and fields around İncirlik and Çayönü and along the Kanlıdere River between Haspolat and Ercan Airport.

To reduce costs we opted to build all of the boxes ourselves with the help of volunteers. In April wood and tools were purchased. Regular volunteer sessions have since been held to have the boxes assembled, marked with contact details and individual ID numbers, and erected on poles and trees in our chosen conservation areas.

We will be monitoring these nest boxes in order to understand their success and this will require further volunteer effort. So we are looking for volunteers to go to check the boxes (GPS coordinates available) for occupancy during the 2016 summer and we may then decide to mark birds for more detailed monitoring. Anyone willing to volunteer can contact Damla Beton on 0542 8813750.

Many thanks to local volunteers Olkan Ergüler, Gavin Croucher, Erdil Şeytanoğlu, Emre Kolaç, Cem Özkurt, Çimer Ergene, Neil Avery and volunteers of SPOT (Sea Turtle Conservation Project Team 2015) who have all helped to assemble and erect boxes. And particular thanks to Yusuf Paralik Ltd. hardware stores for providing materials and tools at a reduced cost. And we would like to thank OSME for their support to our conservation efforts in North Cyprus.

You can read more about our project entitled “Returning Rollers To Mesarya Plain” at our Projects page .

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